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Unibet Premier League is a darts sports championship that launched on Sky Sports on January 20, 2005. Originally, the tournament’s fortnightly matches took place in modest locations across the United Kingdom. However, currently, the matchups are now played every week starting from February to May.

The competition began with seven players but has grown to include eight participants from the Professional Darts Corporation’s circuit in an elimination formation. There are also matches held around other European nations. The league's roster is made up of the best four players. The PDC’s Order of Merit and four wildcard selections determine the selected players. Car dealer Cazoo is the current sponsor of Premier League Darts.

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The league round lasts nine weeks before the bottom two players are eliminated. The remaining eight players then face off over the next six league evenings. Later on, the top four players advance to the Play-Offs.

The 2022 Premier League Darts edition is ongoing. It is the tournament's eighteenth edition. The competition began on Thursday, February 3, 2022, at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. The conclusion of these championships will be on Monday, June 13, 2022. The playoffs will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin.

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History of Unibet Premier League

History of Unibet Premier League

Darts grew rapidly in popularity since its inception as a sport. It first aired on television in the 1930s to a small audience. Many countries recognized its official rules quickly and organizations were formed around the game by the 1970s.

Phil 'The Power' Taylor dominated the event during his time on the circuit. He won six of the thirteen tournaments he played in. Taylor was unbeaten for three seasons. However, James Wade interrupted Taylor’s 44-match unbeaten streak in the 2008 season’s kick-off match.

In the 2009 tournament, Mervyn King won against Taylor in the semi-finals. Wade would go on to win 13-8 in the final. He received the prize ward of £125,000 ($163,871). The following year, 2010, Taylor earned his fifth championship in the competition. He won against Wade to become the only player to achieve the fete. Taylor is the only player in the final to have two nine-dart finishes.

Era of dominance

Although The Unibet Premier League has had six overall winners, Taylor and van Gerwen have dominated the league stage. For the first eight seasons, Taylor topped the table. Then van Gerwen took over for the next seven league editions. In 2020, there was a new player to finish first in the league.

Glen Durrant became the third player to finish first after the league games. Glen would later go all the way to win the prestigious Darts title. In the history of Premier League darts, all the winners of the league editions eventually win the playoffs with their first attempt.

The prize budget has slowly increased each year, reaching £1,000,000 ($1,310,968) in 2022. It started at £265,000 ($334,296.) in the early years of the competition. The prize money is currently £275,000 ($360,516)

History of Unibet Premier League
About Unibet Premier League

About Unibet Premier League

Darts is a throwing game in which players use three sets of 'arrows' called darts. It is contested by two players who take turns. In the game, participants fire the three sets of tiny missile darts towards the target known as a dartboard. The game is very common throughout pubs in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom. Darts is also a competitive sport in these regions. Both men and women can play this game, though there are no rules prohibiting women from competing against men.

A dartboard can be used to play a variety of games. Still, the most frequent is a game in which the player throws three darts per visit to the board to lower a fixed score, generally 501 or 301, to zero.
While each organization has its own set of rules, the fundamentals remain the same. The Darts Regulation Authority has released the official rules for the PDC (DRA).

This is a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom whose primary mission is to provide, update, and control darts rules. The organization's regulations were amended and revised as recently as 2019. This is to improve the sport's global image and popularity. The BDO has its own rules, divided into two sections: playing rules and tournament rules.

About Unibet Premier League
How to bet on Unibet Premier League

How to bet on Unibet Premier League

Unlike previous darts events, Premier League Darts has a minimum number of games where all players must participate. Most 180s bets benefit from this. This is a tournament-long betting market on which players will hit the most maximums over the length of the competition.

Suppose players place a wager like that in a knockout tournament and their pick is eliminated in the first round. In that case, players’ bets will almost probably be eliminated as well. The selection in the Premier League, on the other hand, must play at least nine games to acquire as many 180s as possible.

Users bet on what they think the highest checkout in a chosen match will be when they bet on Highest Match Checkout. This is a straightforward over/under wager in which the bookmaker sets the line on what they believe will be the highest finish.

The holy grail of darts is a nine-dart finish. It simply means utilizing the bare minimum of nine darts from 501 to complete the perfect leg. This is a once-in-a-lifetime feat, even for the most accomplished experts.

How to bet on Unibet Premier League
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