Your Online Betting Guide 2022

Sports betting has been one of man’s favorite pastimes for centuries now. It all began over 2,000 years ago in Greek when the Olympics was introduced and quickly spread to Rome, where sports betting was legalized. Today, sports betting has hit almost every corner of the world, thanks to the rise of sportsbooks.

With that in mind, it’s common knowledge that losses can be more common than wins in sports betting. And without proper guidance as a beginner, quitting is inevitable. So, this insightful page gives you a sneak peek of what to expect in the vast sports betting world. Read on!

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Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting involves a gambler placing a wager on one bet for a specific outcome with a bookie and simultaneously placing a wager on the opposite result elsewhere. These sure bets guarantee that the bettor makes a profit regardless of the outcome. In the proper conditions, arbitrage mathematically covers all betting outcomes of a specific match or competition. Those bettors who frequently place arbitrage wagers are labeled arbers. To profit, arbers wager significant amounts of money. 

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Betting Explained

Betting can be complicated for the inexperienced. Sometimes it can even seem like the world of betting has its own language! Don't worry. On this page, we will explain the ins and outs of betting terms and how betting works overall. Sports has become a big part of people's lives, with some that enjoy playing the game and some that are content with cheering their favorite teams on. There are some, however, that choose to show their passion for a sport or team by betting on them.

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Betting Lines

The betting line is the point that separates the favored team from the underdog in sports competitions. Bookies obtain odds on sports matches from a complex math model or computer algorithm. Based upon statistics, oddsmakers determine the probable victory margin between two teams, which is based on the strength of previous performances. 

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Betting Picks

If you have shown interest in sports betting, the term “betting picks” is something that you run into on regular basis. The sports betting picks can be found all over the internet, they refer to any sport and any given playing option that you can find in the sportsbook. 

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Betting Strategy

The truth is that most sports betting beginners don't give a damn about strategies. While this is forgivable, considering a beginner has a lot to learn, it's a mistake to ignore a betting strategy completely. With the right approach, bettors make sound decisions that lead to frequent wins. Take note, though, that none of these betting systems guarantees instant success. But still, it's worth grasping and using one or two betting systems to tilt the odds. Keep reading to learn!

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Crypto Betting

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies all over the world have led businesses to start adapting to cryptocurrencies. The iGaming and sports betting sites are pioneering when it comes to the adoption of cryptocurrency. We believe betting on sports using cryptocurrency is the next big thing that will decidedly change the future of the online gambling industry. 

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How to Bet

Sports betting is easy, enjoyable, and provides a possibility for individuals to make money. Beginners, on the other hand, should not rush into putting bets. As simple as sports betting is, doing everything right at the beginning isn't easy. It's doubtful that players will enjoy sports betting if they approach it incorrectly since they will most likely not be on the right track to make winnings.

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Live Betting

A short time ago, bettors had no option, but to place a bet and keep track of the score until the game was over in order to learn whether the bet won or not. However, traditional sports betting now feels completely out of date for many players. 

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Matched Betting

Understanding Starting Price in Sports Betting

Understanding Starting Price in Sports Betting

Many people love sports betting, especially online sports betting. It is exciting, easy, and full of fun. Also, these people who are betting on sports might get much richer overnight if they are betting on profitable sports with great returns. It is good to learn some sports betting tips before doing it. This article focuses on the starting price in sports betting. It takes a a look into what it is, how it is decided, and when to take it, among other aspects.

The Best Betting Sites for Tennis

The Best Betting Sites for Tennis

Tennis is an extremely popular sport, being in the top 5 most popular sports in the world and the second favorite sport in the UK. There is a long history of betting on tennis, almost as long as the all-time favorite of horse racing. In addition, there are loads of tennis leagues and grand slam competitions around the world, offering lots of chances for sports betting on an almost daily basis.

How Much do Professional Gamblers Make?

How Much do Professional Gamblers Make?

Sports bettors have all imagined what it would be like to live off of their hobby. Some have conjured up thoughts of walking away with a whopping 6-figure sum, spending a fortune on luxurious brands, and traveling to their dream destinations. The sight of professional bettors on TV seems thrilling. 

A Matched Betting Guide for Newbies 2022

A Matched Betting Guide for Newbies 2022

Matched betting, also known as 'bonus hunting,' is a unique form of gambling for punters looking to bring in risk-free profits through leveraging their bookie's offers. Like other gambling endeavors such as sports wagering and playing online casino games, it entails utilizing the best betting websites available. However, unlike mainstream betting, gamblers don't bank on luck or experience. Instead, they only need the following to rake in a profit:

Explore our top betting guides

Explore our top betting guides

Fortunately, the experts here at BettingRanker are dedicated to arming bettors with all vital information to be successful. Here are some top guides to read:

  • How-to – In the world of sports betting, some things may look simple but challenging to master. But with insightful how-to content, getting the hang of sports betting is quick and easy. The guides here teach bettors how to make a bet, choose the right markets, how betting odds are calculated, and solve most sports betting problems.
  • Strategy – When it’s about selecting the perfect sports betting system, opinions differ. In any case, the guides here present the best winning strategies for boosting profits in no time. The betting strategies apply to popular markets like football, golf, and baseball.
  • Explanations – Understandably, starting a new betting journey can be overwhelming. Fortunately, these top betting guides will hold your hand through the process. You’ll clearly understand the types of bets, mechanics of sports betting, responsible gambling tips, esports betting, and more.
  • Odds – It’s foolhardy to think about placing wagers on sporting events without getting a good grip on the betting odds. So, keep it here to learn the primary types of betting odds and how they pay.
Explore our top betting guides
Betting glossary

Betting glossary

Like in any other gambling world, sports betting is full of confusing terms. In fact, don’t place that bet without learning some of these terms. So, below is a table with all traditional sports betting terms to understand:

  • Action - A wager or bet.
  • AET - Added Extra Time or simply extra time
  • Against the spread - The game result, which includes the point spread
  • American Odds - Betting odds based on a 100-unit. They are alternatives to decimal or fraction odds and feature a plus (-) and minus (+) to show the favorites and underdogs, respectively.
  • Bankroll - The total amount of funds for gambling purposes
  • Bonus - Incentives or rewards offered by sportsbooks to both new and loyal players
  • Bookie - Short form of a bookmaker, oddsmaker, or linemaker. Bookies set the market odds at a sportsbook
  • Chalk - A team or player that is the hot favorite for the event
  • Closing Line - Where the point spread is at the start of the game
  • Correct Score - Wagers for correctly predicting the final score of the game
  • Decimal Odds - Sometimes called European odds, these are odd types mainly in the European markets. They are represented by decimals
  • Dime - It refers to bets worth $1,000, $100, or $10
  • Dog - Short form of the underdog or team less likely to win
  • Double Chance - Having two options to win the wager. For instance, betting on a loss or draw in a single match
  • Edge - The bettor’s advantage over the sportsbook and vice versa
  • Even Money - A $100 wager to win $100
  • Fixed Odds - Odds that don’t change after placing a wager
  • Fractional Odds - Odds listed in fraction form. For example, 1/3 instead of -300 in American odds
  • Handle - Total amount stake on a game
  • Handicapping/Handicapper - A bettor who analyzes a bet before placing a bet
  • In-play bets - Another name for Live Bets
  • Juice - The bookmaker’s commission from winning bets
  • Lock - The hot favorite to win the game
  • Longshot - Favoring the underdog in a bet
  • Moneyline - An outright win or loss with no point spreads
  • No Action - A game which doesn’t take bets anymore
  • Odds on Favorite - A team or play that will likely win
  • Oddsmaker - Another name for bookmaker or linemaker
  • Over/Under Wagering - The combined score by both teams or players to be more than or less than what the bookmaker set
  • Player Props - Wagering on individual player action during the game. Like, the first player to score or get a yellow card
  • Point Spread - The figure the linemaker decides to represent the difference between the losing and winning teams
  • Sharp - A wise professional sports bettor
  • Steam - An abrupt line change due to a lot of wagering
  • TKO - Technical Knockout
  • Totals - A combined number of points a punter chooses to be scored by players or teams
  • Wire-to-Wire - Betting that a team will lead on each quarter or half of the game
  • Underdog - A team or player with long odds or less likely to win
  • Wager - A bet placed at a sportsbook
Betting glossary