December 15, 2021

Top Five Sports Betting Trends in 2021

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Sports betting continues to grow in popularity every other day. The number of punters wagering on sports is currently at an all-time high, with the numbers expected to hit soaring heights. The increasing popularity of sports betting has led to constant upgrades and innovations in the industry.

Top Five Sports Betting Trends in 2021

These developments have been fueled by several trends, most of which are likely to last a while longer. That said, here are five sports betting trends observed in 2021.

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is the most prevalent trend in sports betting. Currently, statistics indicate that more than half of all punters who bet online use their smartphones or other mobile devices to bet. The trend is fueled by the ever-increasing mobile betting features and the convenience that comes with betting and following up on the bets from anywhere.

Micro Betting

Micro-betting is commonly called in-play betting. Most punters enjoy micro-betting because of the excitement that it adds to a game. Players do not bet on only which team will win. They instead bet on any of the details of the game at any time during the game.

The odds constantly change during the game, contributing to the adrenaline spike that the bettors experience and making the game a lot more engaging. Micro-betting is more common among punters who double up as fans of the game.

Live Streams

More and more bookies are now offering live streams for major sports events. That allows punters to watch the events as they are happening, which adds a thrill to the gambling experience. With the mobile betting trends, gamblers can also catch a piece of the action from wherever they are.

Additionally, the punters also offer numerous live betting options. Punters enjoy live betting because they can study the game before deciding which bet to place.

Growth of E-Sports Betting

E-sports betting is also an emerging trend, judging by the increasing number of punters who place wagers on e-sports events. The number of e-sports events is also increasing, with most of the tournaments and leagues becoming more popular.

The coronavirus outbreak in the recent past led to most sports leagues and tournaments being postponed or canceled. That is among the things that fueled the e-sports betting trend, as most e-sports events were unaffected.

Prevalence of Free Bets and Bonuses

Bonuses and free bets have for a long time been an ongoing trend in sports betting. A majority of sportsbooks offer generous bonuses to help maintain their customers and attract new ones as well. The trend is growing even further due to the increasing competition among bookies.

Punters also enjoy receiving bonuses as it allows them to try out new betting strategies. However, the wagering requirements are getting tougher with the increasing promotional rewards.

Increased Availability of Betting Data

Another growing trend is the use of data to make betting decisions. Most bookies now present punters with a lot of data regarding the available betting markets. There are also numerous sites coming up that are devoted to providing as much data as possible. Bettors use such data to place informed wagers. Examples of available data include metrics expected and player tracking.

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