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22BETResponsible Gambling
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Wide range of payments
12000+ slots
Sportsbetting available
Wide range of payments
12000+ slots
Sportsbetting available
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With 22BET, you can bet on a huge selection of sports because of the extensive catalog, which gets updated and improved regularly. Such sports as Sports, Greyhounds, Politics, Cricket, Cycling, and others are designed to make sports betting exciting and packed with adrenaline. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out in sports betting, you'll discover odds and markets that suit your skill level and personal preferences. Compared to competitors, 22BET has one of the easiest interfaces to navigate. Plus, the site's user-friendliness makes locating the desired sporting events simple.

Most Popular Sports

While 22Bet prides itself on the diversity and wealth of choice it offers to its players, some sports are more popular than others. In order to provide an industry-leading range of betting options, 22Bet covers sports in the mainstream of popularity, as well as more niche options.

Among the most popular are sports that have strong international appeal. Gamblers from across the world are interested in sports such as football and tennis, and these are proving popular among 22Bet customers. Sports like basketball and golf also have a broad appeal, while the huge Indian betting market is highly engaged with online betting on cricket.

Live Betting

22Bet enhances the experience it offers to its gambling customers with live betting features. This means customers can choose to bet on the result of a game that has not yet started, or they can choose to bet in-play while the game is underway.

Dynamic odds evolve and shift over the course of the game, reflecting changes in real-time. Players may prefer the thrill and excitement of this over more traditional forms of sports betting. The progress of live games - and changes in odds - can be accessed via the 22Bet user dashboard.


Football is a global game, and it is one of the most popular betting options on online sportsbooks around the world. 22Bet provides sports betting from leagues and competitions across multiple locations, which means players can connect with gambling opportunities wherever they are in the world and at any time.

22Bet offers football bettors access to some of the world's biggest games, such as the World Cup, Copa America, or Champions League Finals. This is supported by betting on more niche games, such as fixtures in the Indian I-League or in Spain's "Segunda" second tier.


Tennis is similar to football in that it has an appeal that spans the entire world. Fans from Canada and Brazil to China and New Zealand regularly tune in to watch the best tennis players compete on the world stage, and to bet on these clashes wherever this is permitted.

Players can bet on the four annual tennis grand slam tournaments, which provide an exciting and high-profile backdrop for gambling. Customers may also simply choose to bet on lower-level events on the PGA and WTA tours. Part of the popularity of gambling on tennis comes from the fact there are so many options throughout the year.


Basketball betting websites are most often associated with the United States. It is the USA that tends to win Olympic gold medals in basketball, and the country supplies the world with most of the best players and all of the best domestic teams. However, the NBA is a global brand, with a vast number of fans across the world. As a result, it is a very popular sport for gamblers, and 22Bet provides basketball betting sites to users worldwide.

Unlike with football and tennis, online basketball betting tends to focus on tips and wagers for domestic leagues in the United States. While NBA odds are some of the most popular, customers can bet on games from elsewhere if they wish.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is similar to basketball in that it is often associated with a specific country or market. Customers may associate ice hockey with Canada, as well as Russia and locations such as Finland. Parts of the USA are also well known for their ice hockey.

In fact, gamblers across the globe like to bet on ice hockey because of its fast pace and dynamic nature. The Stanley Cup may provide the flagship prize in North America, but there are plenty of other competitions for gamblers to place bets on across the year.


Online baseball betting sites are also often associated with the American market, but the sport is becoming more global. As a result, many customers find themselves searching for the best online betting sites in locations across the world.

22Bet is working to cater to this growing market, offering a number of different baseball games and competitions within its sportsbook.


Volleyball is a sport with immense popularity in Brazil, which provides the world with some of the sport's best athletes. Elsewhere, locations such as Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, and China have thriving volleyball scenes, and interest in the sport is growing elsewhere.

22Bet customers can find a range of different volleyball games to bet on when they visit the online sportsbook. This means everyone from complete newcomers to the sport to seasoned volleyball fans can place bets and enjoy the competitive atmosphere the sport provides. Tournaments such as the Olympics and the world championships tend to generate the most interest among fans and betting customers.

Horse Racing

Horse racing betting online, on sites like 22Bet, is a popular pursuit for gamblers and remains a key betting trend. Players can access wagering on many of the biggest horse races around the world, using Kentucky derby odds or other race data as they play.

Players should bear in mind that 22Bet only offers horse racing betting services. While customer support is offered, this is of a technical nature and is related to the operation of the site. It does not include information on horse racing betting strategy or odds explanations. All customers should conduct their own research before engaging in any sports betting strategy online.

What Else to Bet on at 22Bet

Outside of traditional sports, 22Bet customers can choose to place wagers on eSports and gaming competitions. Of the eSports options, players can choose from:

  • eSports Ice Hockey
  • eSports Basketball
  • eSports Handball
  • eSports Volleyball
  • eSports UFC
  • eSports Rugby
  • Many other eSports competitions

Players can also choose to place bets on games such as:

  • Mortal Kombat
  • SEGA Football
  • WWE Battlegrounds
  • FIFA
  • League of Legends
  • World of Tanks
  • Counter-Strike
  • Street Power Football
  • Angry Birds
  • The King of Fighters
  • FlatOut
  • LaserLeague
  • Killer Instinct
  • Dead or Alive
  • Jump Force
  • A range of other live computer games
22Bet Introduces New Bet Types

22Bet Introduces New Bet Types

22Bet is among the most popular international online sports betting platforms, licensed globally in more than 150 countries. Its popularity stems from numerous strengths, including premium customer care services, reliable security features, attractive and intuitive user interface, universal compatibility, enticing bonuses, and fast payouts.